Moving to Canada (or not) by nelson LewisEvery four years, people dissatisfied with the presidential outcome threaten to move to Canada.  Very rarely do they mean it, but this year might be an exception.  Canada’s immigration website has suffered an intermittent fault making it inaccessible to visitors during the US election vote.  According to officials, this was due to the higher-than-normal level of traffic, most likely due to those Americans unhappy with Trump’s win.  Trump’s victory came as a shock to everybody, including his supporters, who expected that Hillary would win if only by rigging the election.  

According to a spokeswoman, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship website has become temporarily inaccessible, even as Shared Services Canada has continued to work through the issue.  Not surprisingly, many people took to social media to comment on the situation.

This isn’t the only glitch connected to the elections.  For about half an hour on Tuesday afternoon, officials were unable to access Colorado’s voter registration database.  The system reportedly goes down on occasion, yet the timing could not have possibly been worse.  Technical problems also forced North Carolina’s State Board of Elections to switch from using an electronic voting check-in system to a paper-based one at several precincts.  They later reported a delay in uploading about 93,000 of its voting results before solving the issue.  There were also unconfirmed reports that some machines were switching votes for one candidate for another.  One company that had provided a get-out-the-vote phone and texting service to the Clinton campaign suffered a cyber-attack that led to “brief periods of unavailability”.  Bloomberg also acknowledged an issue that caused its instant messaging tool to stop working on Tuesday morning.  

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