President Trump by Nelson LewisDefying the expectations of pretty much everybody, Donald Trump emerged victorious in yesterday’s election, beating Hillary and exposing the deep dissatisfaction that many voters across the board experienced.  Earlier this morning, Trump spoke to cheering supporters at his victory party in New York City.  Initially, Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta addressed supporters and said that several states were “too close to call”.  Yet later that night Clinton conceded defeat, and called Trump to congratulate him in what I assume must have been one of the most awkward phone conversations ever.  

Despite the emotionally charged election, Trump praised Clinton for her service, and called for Americans to “come together as one united people”.  Sounding a call to reclaim America’s destiny, Trump promised to deliver the best to America.  Entering office at 70, Trump will be the oldest President in US history, surpassing even Ronald Reagan.  

In addition to Trump’s victory, Republicans held onto their majority in the House and Senate, improving his chance to advance his agenda.  His victory was helped in part due to a surge of support in key battlegrounds, especially in states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  While Clinton won a good number of swing states, Trump’s surprisingly strong performance in states expected to vote Democrat took the victory away from her.  This victory comes in spite of Trump’s previous accusations of a “rigged” election.  

This marks the second, and probably last, time that Clinton’s bid to the White House has been thwarted.  Trump’s victory, on the other hand, comes as a complete shock.  When he first announced his presidential bid in June of last year competing against some 16 competitors during the Republican primaries, it seemed unlikely it would go anywhere, but Trump defied expectations with his “outsider” image that struck a chord with voters who felt disenfranchised.  Trump’s prominent and often unpredictable media presence captivated even those who disagreed with his message.  Thanks in part to this prominent media presence, Trump remained relevant, which allowed him to win the office even as he alienated many Americans.