It’s funny how so many on the left suddenly love the late Senator McCain who did everything in their power to defeat him when he was running for president not once but twice.

The trend is particularly catalyzed from the false media narrative on Trump as it’s hard to hear anything about John McCain without hearing invective of Trump. The president obviously has tactlessly injected himself into the story, but its coverage does not accurately reflect that and is more about bashing the President than it is about praising John McCain. Make no mistake about it. Of course, given the fact that John McCain was not a true conservative, he would still have received plenty of bipartisan praise regardless of Trump, but it is intensified because of the President’s sentiments only somewhat. Expectedly, much of media continue trying to do whatever they can to tear apart this non-traditional president.

Three years ago, had the distinguished Senator passed away in a pre-Trump news orbit, he would have received about a two-minute package worth of coverage during the evening news actually discussing some of his career’s low-points, such as the Keating 12 scandal, which now, of course, they gloss over. It would be coverage similar to when Senator Bob Dole passes or the late Senator and Democratic nominee George McGovern or even the late Democratic Representative and VP nominee Geraldine Ferraro both received when they died.

As we ALL know the media loves to pick winners and losers and the winners are always Democrats, and the losers are always Republicans. Do not be myopic enough to think that in this case, they are actually falling in love with a former Republican Senator and presidential candidate from Arizona because it is more about what they can do to negatively portray the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Generally, the national press corps only falls in love with a Democrat but ironically this time the converse, only because it makes the sitting Republican president look terrible, his own mistakes notwithstanding. Instead, it was and will be wall-to-wall coverage of both his funeral and memorials as though he were actually elected president and served a minimum of four years.

It is the media that is making this about Donald Trump. Folks from the usually left-leaning media that otherwise would refuse to acknowledge the honorable statesman that McCain was now suddenly are, only to more vibrantly contrast what they perceive as a staunch “difference” to Donald Trump’s irreverent and disruptive style. John McCain was absolutely a dying breed, much like Zell Miller was. God bless his soul, but it’s funny how through careful wording political careers can be made as maverick, when that’s just a nice codeword for what, in actuality, weren’t the greatest qualities and made him more of an “independent” and paleoconservative. Folks forget his whole about-face regarding campaign finance reform (aka McCain-Feingold Act) was only to atone for the Keating scandal. Thank goodness for Citizens United helping to undo some of that damage. Now we just need Sarbanes-Oxley to be completely repealed and the remaining elements of Dodd-Frank also thrown out the window.

The issue of the media’s coverage of McCain’s passing should not be conflated with its typical knee-jerk hysteria from Donald Trump‘s rhetoric. However, it is the media that is responsible for conflating these two inextricably linked matters. Obviously, it is not the media’s fault that he passed away, but it is ostensibly egregious just how many in the typical leftist media ad hominem noise-machine are suddenly loving the fallen patriot who otherwise wouldn’t. He was an iconic war hero & patriot indeed! It’s some of the people who have waited until he passed away to finally praise him that I find to be rather fascinating.

It’s still kind of a joke that many of those singing the late war hero’s praises did all in their power to prevent him from being elected, although also not always about sides as folks who disagree with him can ecumenically praise and agree on his patriotism and service. Thankfully all of that is just the mishegoss lost in the media translation, and it doesn’t matter. What does is that America’s economic engine is roaring and above even that, an American hero’s service is acknowledged, no matter whether from a friend or political foe. The fact that his political opposition speaks so highly about him only speaks to his integrity.

Speaking of Joseph Robinette Biden, this Desantis media-take-out-of-context attempt is pure “malarkey” indeed. Erick Erickson is right pointing out what I have always said about only when a Republican uses hyperbole does the press take it literally, never when the shoe is on the other foot.

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