Work With Fox News

W. Nelson Lewis, Fox News Channel – Washington
While attending Lynn’s College of International Communication, Nelson Lewis developed a friendship with the well-known and nationally-recognized NBC News correspondent Irving R. Levine.  After graduating from college, Nelson moved up to Washington, DC at Levine’s suggestion Levine.  His first job there was working as an intern for Georgia Republican Congressman Jack Kingston, and not long after that he accepted a job as a booking producer at Fox News.  In this position, Nelson was able to put his love of the media and an interest in Republican Party politics to good use. Nelson’s work at Fox News offered him a firsthand glimpse into the DC journalism scene, working on a daily basis with the biggest names in entertainment, politics and academia.  This work gave Nelson the chance to view history in the making countless times, as well as a firsthand experience on the inner workings of Washington, from the creation of laws to how news is created.
While working as a booker, Nelson Lewis produced segments for Fox’s weekend daytime programming division.  After initially being hired in 2006 as a guest coordinator, Nelson proved that he was more than capable of navigating the large egos, stress and deadlines in the industry.  He worked tirelessly with guests, executive producers and the anchor to ensure that every part of the interview process went smoothly, ensuring that each guest was briefed and properly prepared for the process.  Nelson would frequently obtain talking points from guests prior to their interviews and then put their opinions into the script of the upcoming show.  He would regularly have to pitch segments to executive producers and booking management up in New York.  Once given the okay to produce a certain segment, he would start working with guests on their topics by doing thorough research and prepare graphics to make sure that the anchors, director and producers were familiar with the guest’s take on their subject.  He would frequently work with upcoming guests on crafting the anchor’s lead-in to a certain segment, ensuring that the segment’s introduction was factual.

W. Nelson Lewis and then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel at the White House Correspondents Dinner Capitol File Afterparty

Nelson Lewis with Australian Prime Minister John Howard in the Fox News greenroom in Washington after Howard received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from George W. Bush in 2009

Nelson Lewis with Charles Krauthammer and Washington Managing Editor Brit Hume

Nelson’s primary duty at Fox News was to find guests to appear on air and talk about subjects of national interest.  Many of those he booked had never appeared before on the network, yet still appear to this day. Some highlights from Nelson’s time include being present inside the House Chamber for the 2007 State of the Union right after the Democrats took over the house in the sweep of the 2006 midterms and Nancy Pelosi became the first female to preside over Congress as speaker of the House of Representatives.

Lewis also assisted with Fox’s coverage of the aftermath of the Virginia Tech tragedy by booking remote guest segments.  He also got to take part in coverage of the 2008 Republican and Democratic Presidential Primaries and subsequent general election, booking various politicians, surrogates and strategists both from remotely in the field and in studio, and would regularly book political and legal news segments for the network’s weekend programming.

Nelson worked on the booking side for shows such as America’s Election HeadquartersFox News Live and Fox Report Weekend.  He worked the production side of network shows such as CavutoHannityGeraldo at Large and the O’Reilly Factor, as well as assisted with launching Fox’s sister network, Fox Business Network.

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