At some point, we have to consider the kids. Despite the tireless efforts of conservative parents to raise their children on the straight and narrow, and foster the same moral values they themselves hold, more and more kids encounter liberalism on a daily basis – without their parent’s knowledge or consent. In an ideal world, our public schools would offer a sanctuary for those of all beliefs, and present students with the chance to see matters from all perspectives, conservative and liberal alike. Unfortunately, though, we don’t live in an ideal world – and our school systems skew heavily to the left.


Consider the case of the presidential election, just this past year. When media outlets announced Trump’s victory over Clinton, conservative families rejoiced at the win. Students went to school thrilled, and expected to be able discuss their excitement at school with their peers. However, the scene they encountered within the classroom was not one they expected; according to some reports, some students – and even some openly liberal teachers – were sobbing in class over the election’s outcome. Conservative children were unable to express their views without fear of bullying or retribution. Is this really the “open-minded” culture those on the left espouse so proudly?


But the problem at hand doesn’t stop with a few unprofessional teachers. No, the problem is rooted far more deeply: in the books kids bring home every day. Not all that long ago, the Florida’s Citizen Alliance, a conservative group spearheaded by Florida resident Mike Mogil, reviewed teaching materials from local schools and “found them to be full of political indoctrination, religious indoctrination, revisionist history and distorting our founding values and principles, even a significant quantity of pornography.” None of what Mogil described is within the bounds of acceptable reading for impressionable young children. Luckily, the FCA was able to push for a new law allowing all Florida state citizens to look out for schoolchildren by formally challenging questionable classroom materials.


Children who attend public school don’t get to opt out of the readings their teachers assign them, even if those readings are skewed towards the left and demonize conservative causes. At least with laws such as the FCA’s in place, conservatives have a means to object to the liberal indoctrination that schools parade around as being “progressive.” We need to think of the kids now more than ever, and stand up against the polarization of our school systems.