Nelson Lewis - Will the Trumps Be The Next American Dynasty?At the the Cleveland GOP Convention back in July, it became very clear that the Trump name means more than just Donald. The candidates sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump made a speech, his daughters Ivanka and Natalie Trump made speeches, as did his wife Melania Knaus-Trump. The children of candidates serving as support is nothing new under the son. Take for example Chelsea Clinton or even the young Malia and Sasha Obamas. What makes the Trump family extraordinary is the sheer number of them. Including the ten-year-old Barron Trump, the Trump family has a whopping five children, four of whom are actively supporting their father’s campaign.

With the all of the public-facing that the Trump family has been doing, one question has emerged: Will the Trump family become an American Dynasty?

Although Melania’s GOP Convention speech was somewhat marred by similarities between her words and those that Michelle Obama had previously used, Donald Trump Jr.,  Ivanka, and Tiffany made a generally favorable impression.

Donald Trump Jr., the oldest child is a chip off the old block when it comes to poise and confidence. At the GOP convention he delivered a strong speech about the merits of growing up Trump. His most recent controversial talking point was the skittles/Syrian Refugee analogy. But he may very well be able to recover. When not helping his father’s campaign he functions at the Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization, alongside Ivanka and Eric. He’s even had some television experience on his father’s The Apprentice.

Ivanka Trump, the second oldest child did a remarkable job of helping to humanize Trump. At one Town Hall event back in April, Ivanka Trump said the following:

“I have witnessed these incredible female role models that he’s employed in the highest executive positions at the Trump organization my entire life, in an industry that has been dominated by men,”

That’s the kind of support that Trump needs. Following a scrape with Cosmopolitan, Ivanka has decided to stop holding interviews. Outside of her work for the Trump Organization, Ivanka has launched her own fashion line, has appeared on various television programs, and has even published her own book.

Eric Trump‘s speech at the GOP was met with mixed reviews. While his support for this father is very genuine, he still has a lot to learn. While Ivanka is taking time from the spotlight and Donald Trump Jr. is recovering from the most recent skittles controversy, Eric Trump has been making the rounds on television to pick up the slack. Along with Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka, Eric has founded the Eric Trump Foundation to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He’s also the owner of Trump Winery and oversees his fathers 18 golf clubs.

Tiffany Trump is the youngest of the four influential Trumps comes from Donald Trump’s second marriage. Unlike the other Trump Children, Tiffany was raised primarily by her birth-mother Marla Staples in California. Still, Tiffany is very close to her other half-siblings and has been an outspoken supporter of her father. At the GOP convention, Tiffany said that Donald Trump’s “desire for excellence is contagious…He possesses a unique gift for bringing that trait out in others starting with those closest to him.” Tiffany’s interned at Vogue, has released her own pop song, has been on several TV shows and recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

The Trump children have experienced their fair share of challenges along the road of their father’s candidacy. It’s how they will recover from these challenges further down the road that will determine the possibility of a Trump American Dynasty.